Monday, July 13, 2009

Kay raised 712,919 dollars... gets endorsed by Dick Armey again...

I won't even attempt to out sarcasm Phil Martin of Burnt Orange who blogs in full technicolor snark (link)...
2:02pm - Wow. Could her campaign look more like a student council election? She must have A DOZEN supporters in this picture. She couldn't make an announcement in front of the crowd? Is it because she hasn't been in Texas in so long that she can't stand the heat, or because she can't gather a real crowd.
I don't want to steal too much of their blog, so go look over there if you want to read all the updates.

I tried to watch but had trouble viewing the feed. My reaction to one portion of the news event was that Kay was lobbing accusations of serious felony campaign finance violations at Rick and not being challenged by the msm on it. She also referred to her exploratory committee which is not even a real term in Texas.

Kay actually raised 6.7 million dollars, not 700 thousand, but they did cut off the number at first when the camera was on it. They had to move the camera and then move the poster. They also cut off the last question.

This announcement had a lot of potential, but they needed a lot more money to make a statement and stem Rick's tide he has going right now. They also needed to do a lot better job than getting 200 viewers... and the production value was so low it was almost not worth even doing.

Really the main problem was that she still did not announce her candidacy. She said she would announce in August. That kind of indecision will make it even harder to gain supporters and raise money.... sort of like Ross Perot back in 92. Is she really in it, or will she withdraw at some point and leave a lot of people hanging... why invest time and money in a candidate who may not even run?

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