Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rick drops huge money number...

Rick dropped a 4 million dollar bomb on this race earlier today. From Rick's website...
Texans for Rick Perry is thrilled to announce today that our campaign raised $4,231,086.49 from 1,076 donors over a nine day period from June 22 – June 30, nearly doubling contributions from the same time period in 2005. The total includes $454,094 in online contributions. The campaign will also report $9,355,100.35 cash-on-hand.

“This is a remarkable accomplishment and a ringing endorsement of Governor Perry,” said Jim Lee, one of Governor Perry’s state finance chairs. “95% of those contributing are from Texas, showing that Texans continue to appreciate and value his leadership.”

“This outpouring of support from across the state clearly indicates that Texans have embraced Governor Perry’s vision for Texas,” said Mark Miner. “People value action over talk and their faith in Governor Perry was validated by a successful legislative session that resulted in a tax cut for small businesses, protection of private property rights and a balanced budget that cut general revenue spending. Our team is energized by the support Governor Perry continues to receive across the state.”
This is hugely impressive. Kay's camp raised money from a lot of individuals, but they did have 6 months to do it compared to Rick's 1 week and 2 days.

This has to energize Rick's smaller supporters... knowing they have a huge team of bigtime peeps behind their guy usually leads to grassroots fundraising success... people like to be part of the winning side. Kay's team will definitely have a bigger number, but if it is not huge it will be a disappointment.

What I find strange is Texas and U.S. campaign finance laws... they need to get rid of some of these limits and rules and just make people disclose the numbers online on a more regular basis.

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