Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It is Kay's prerogative to change her mind... on the same day... about resigning...



Kay was winning today's media cycle with her news on the Mark Davis show that she was resigning. I posted the audio earlier today.

Later today Kay changed her mind about resigning? This is too weird.

CQ Politics blogs (link). Excerpt follows...

She's quitting. She's not quitting. She might be quitting. No, she wants the governor to be the quitter -- and quit thinking about re-election.

If Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is trying to keep the rival camp in Texas' gubernatorial primary -- and all of Washington -- guessing about how long she'll keep her current job, she's a success.

Over the course of just a few hours on Wednesday, she sent nothing but mixed signals.

First, she told a Texas radio interviewer that she intends to resign her seat in the Senate.

In Washington a short time later, Hutchison said she might stay in the Senate through next year's gubernatorial race and really didn't intend to indicate a change in her anticipated timetable.

"I did not realize this was going to be something that would be construed as different from what I've been saying," Hutchison told reporters. "I had said that I would be leaving probably some time toward the end of the year, late fall. And that's what I said in this interview."

This is what I have been saying... Kay's staff has not been the problem, it is Kay herself who cannot stay on message. I agree with Embry (link). Excerpt follows...

The reality for Hutchison is that, for the second time in less than a month, she has stepped on her own message.

Kay is why people are moving to Kay. Kay's staff may have always been superior to Rick's staff, no offense to my friends over at Rick's camp, but Kay has always had top notch talent. Rick has just been outdoing Kay. McCain could have had all the great talent in the world, but you can't save him from himself against a more charismatic and on message Barack Obama. The same thing is holding true here.

This was a big deal, and I think Kay totally bungled it. Every time the spotlight is on her lately, she not her staff messes up. Rick may say some inflammatory stuff, but his messes only help him. I am pretty sure his messes... like saying he would stand up to Obama and reject his health care plan if it passed based on 10th amendment grounds or saying something a little wild at a tea party... are actually well choreographed.

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