Friday, July 3, 2009

Ronnie Earle's gubernatorial hopes...

If Kay were to miraculously win the GOP primary, can you say... AWK..WARD.

Ronnie Earle may be throwing his name into the gubernatorial race (link)...
A lot would have to happen to get to this point, but say Earle ends up the Democratic nominee and the Republican nominee is U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Earle pursued and won an indictment against Hutchison in 1993, accusing her of running a political shop out of her state treasury office before being elected U.S. senator.

Former Statesman report Laylan Copelin, who knows Earle as well as any journalist, wrote in a 2007 profile, “Earle stunned everyone, including his trial team, when he filed a motion to dismiss the case after the jury trial started. A judge appeared ready to throw out key evidence, and the dismissal motion might have given Earle the option of regrouping and trying again. The judge short-circuited that option by directing the jury to acquit Hutchison.”

Surely it would give Hutchison headaches to have it constantly mentioned that Earle prosecuted her, even though she was acquitted.
Kay did nothing wrong back in 1993, and Ronnie Earle is a partisan hack, but can you imagine the awkwardness in a Kay versus Ronnie race? There would be constant reminders of the prosecution. What would Ronnie say about Kay? That he regretted the prosecution? That he thought it was the right thing at the time? Would Kay have to constantly remind people that she had been acquitted? Yuck.

Yet another reason to take away Travis County's authority to make political persecutions. This should really be a statewide position that determines whether to file suit against fellow statewide office holders... the junior varsity shouldn't be tarnishing the good names of innocent varsity players.

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