Friday, July 17, 2009

Giving your two cents to the campaign... literally speaking...

Small businessman gives Kay his two cents (link). Excerpt follows...
"I got one of those nonsense deals where they say, 'We want you to be one of our closest advisers,' on one of those things where they ask you what you think," said Click, 67.

He wanted to let Hutchison know that he was less than pleased with her vote for the financial bailout under the Bush administration. Click wrote a note and tried to send it electronically, only to be notified that his opinion could not be registered without a donation.

"So I gave them a donation," he said.

Frankly, he's got his money's worth. First, there was his credit card statement listing a two-penny charge, which he proudly showed to friends and family.

"Then I got a form letter saying how much they appreciated my major donation," Click said, chuckling as he recounted the praise lavished on him for helping with the campaign.

"I've had a lot of fun with that 2 cents," he said.

Click said he's not sure whom he'll support for governor, though he's dissatisfied with both Hutchison and her GOP rival, incumbent Rick Perry.

But Hutchison aides have taken special notice of Click, one of their closest advisers.

"Calvin Click's 2 cents was appreciated by our campaign, as is input from every Texan," said spokesman Hans Klingler. "We look forward to earning his vote with results, not politics, in March."
A commenter adds...
Hans, there is no way you can spin Calvin's contribution into anything other than what it was meant to be. Your attempt indicates what is wrong with the Hutchison campaign.
Sometimes a response from the campaign is just not necessary. Just let it lie.

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