Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Rick the cyborg is winning this primary..."

Burnt Orange is obviously a very liberal blog, but they do have some good blogs every now and then... funny... usually very out of touch with mainstream Texas and sometimes way too hopeful about their chances in doomed races... but it is still a well written blog that nothing on the Republican side in Texas has touched.

Philip Martin has another funny blog about Rick being a cyborg. Even as a Republican, it is dead on. This guy just has so much energy and is so good at dropping comments that get media coverage... he must be a humanoid robot... he seems to be everywhere at once. How in the hell did he get endorsed by Leo Berman, go to a tea party an hour away, then go to 3 tea parties all around the state the next day... plus have time to play with puppies... then go to megachurch up in DFW and give two sermons... all in a 36-48 hour period. With a broken clavicle. The man is a machine.

Excerpt from Burnt Orange (link)...

Rick Perry will continue to succeed -- both financially and in the polls, despite his massive failures -- in a Republican primary race, because the Republican base celebrates and desires the failure of government.

So given today's announcement -- no, I'm not surprised. Rick Perry will tour the state with Sarah Palin, appear daily on Rush Limbaugh radio, and actively shred public education, health care, and transportation policies in order to win the Republican primary. That's what he is programmed to do.

Rick Perry is a cyborg. And right now, he's winnin

g this primary.
I have to agree with Martin. If this race is about who wants it more, who will work harder, and all of those cliches, Rick will win. He will get face time with Rush and Hannity and all the people who matter in Republican primaries. He will bring in Palin. He will fire up crowds. He will probably pull some 10th amendment stunts or something else to rile people up. He will continue doing social networking better by himself than Kay's entire campaign put together. Rick will probably make more mistakes and make more people angry along the way, but he will also earn far more evangelical followers. Evangelical in more than one sense of the word.

Martin also did a good job with this chart which explains this race pretty well...

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  1. Perry up twelve again today. Kay Bailey is toast unless she has a huge fund raising number on the 15th.


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