Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bill White and Kay...

Kay's team sent this article out earlier this week (link). Excerpt follows...

Bill White has heard the question, and so has former Texas Comptroller John Sharp.

The two Democrats already running to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison in the U.S. Senate are being asked why at least one of them doesn’t run for governor, instead.

Several events in the past week can be expected to keep that question coming.

One was the release of a poll indicating Gov. Rick Perry is ahead of Hutchison by 33 percent to 21 percent among Texans who expect to vote in the Republican primary. The conventional wisdom is that if Hutchison, who has the highest overall approval ratings in the state, can win the primary, it would be almost impossible for a Democrat to beat her in the general election.

Perry, on the other hand, won re-election last time with only 39 percent of the vote and is considered more vulnerable in the November election.

The poll bolstered the position of those who argue that Perry will win the Republican primary and the Democrats will blow a great opportunity if they don’t field a viable candidate against him.

First I don't think there is a viable Democrat out there... second, why would Kay's team send this out? It shows Rick up by double digits against Kay. Dumb. It also reminds people that Kay may have told Bill White insider information about when she is resigning from the senate. Sending this article out to their email list...? Something is not clicking over there.

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  1. Her campaign is in disarray. How many people will be victims of the chopping block?


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