Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Being aggressive or passive in the media...

As a media junkie, I am always on the look out for what the camps are doing. Are they being aggressive, are they declining to make comments. What is their strategy?

Twice now in a short span of time, I have seen a comment or interview with Kay's spokesman, with no comment from Rick's spokesman.

Last week it was the News 8 Austin story on social media where Rick's peeps were nowhere to be seen. This weekend it was UT's college newspaper the Daily Texan (link). Excerpt follows...
Hans Klingler, a spokesman for Hutchison’s campaign, said the poll results will not have a major impact on the public’s opinion on the election.

“As polls move up and down, one thing remains crystal clear,” Klingler said, “A majority of Texans want a new governor in Austin who will deliver results, not politics. Texas can do better. And with Kay Bailey Hutchison, they will.”
No comment provided by Rick's spokesman. Are Rick's peeps declining comment when asked, is Kay's spokesman just actively seeking out comments, are reporters being lazy, or is it something else?

Kay is also getting more op eds in the papers. The Houston paper is a good example of that this week (link). Kay got yet another op ed in the paper and Rick did not get anything. I think that might be Rick's team just simply not being as aggressive as Kay at churning out op eds and shopping them around.

Win of this round goes to Kay's team.

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