Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Palin rallies for Rick...

Call me skeptical, but I have been watching Rick and Kay for a while now and I have noticed that Rick is really good at saying something just at the right moment to jump in on a big political story. When the Palin resignation news broke, his campaign issued an official press release. They have only issued a few of those in the past year, so it was definitely out of the norm. Something was up there that I have not been able to get to the bottom of just yet.

Then when Palin had been thrown under the bus by some state parties and candidates in other states, Rick came to her rescue at a Republican Women event in Houston, saying Palin was going to campaign for him in person. Saying it at the Republican Women event, at that very moment, just was too coincidental. Something is going on here, I just need to figure out what it is.

We already knew about the Palin endorsement of Rick, but actual retail campaigning is big news. Palin will still draw huge crowds in Texas. She will draw huge dollars too. I would estimate that she can raise a million or more with some private events around Texas one long weekend, and Rick's campaign will be able to fill up a large banquet hall or two and have a rowdy media ready backdrop for what looks like an October 2008 presidential rally. Or they could just put her on a Rick bus in February during early voting and have her ride around with Rick giving lots of little speeches to overflow crowds in small town squares.

Some of my contacts have said Palin and Rick spoke before her resignation, and he said if you come help me win in 2010, I will back you in 2012 and then you can pick me as your running mate. That sounds fanciful but probably not very accurate. I have also heard that she is considering moving to Texas due to familial ties then running for governor in 2014.

I think those theories are all off the wall.

This is probably what happened. Palin was struggling with her poor performance at the Alaska press conference and the rejections, so Rick took it upon himself to rescue her reputation and to book her for campaign appearances in Texas, unbeknownst to her. "You can thank me later." Rick did a similar thing at a Republican Governors Association meeting, when the press was peppering her with questions, he came in and physically took her out of the firing line.

I have also heard that Rick's peeps have offered to help Palin find some better political talent to surround herself with... that story was basically confirmed in the press this week although it was the RGA who sent someone up there. Right now she is not getting the help she needs to be as effective as she should be.

If it is true that Palin is coming in to campaign for Rick... and I will believe it when I see it... these rallies or even donor only events are going to be huge.

Thanks to the liberal Burnt Orange Report blog for these boxing pictures. They still have a fun push button graphic they put on their blog back in April (link). It is almost like the old days of rock em sock em robots. Do they make those anymore?

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