Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kay has her excuse for voting against Sotomayor... guns.

The Sotomayor hearings are beginning soon, and Kay will have to determine whether a vote against Sotomayor will hurt her with Hispanics, or whether a vote for Sotomayor will hurt Kay more with conservative voters.

My Washington sources who deal with Kay's staff up there tell me that Kay is going to vote against Sotomayor, and she is going to explain her vote in two ways. First guns (link). Excerpt follows...

While Cornyn and the other senators say they don't want to prejudge Sotomayor, they and critics all point to her ruling in a January 2009 decision in a New York case called Maloney v. Cuomo as a warning sign that she may not believe the right to bear arms is a bedrock constitutional guarantee.

Attack strategy

The case upheld the state's ban on possessing chukka sticks, a weapon used in martial arts. As part of the decision, which Sotomayor joined, the judges noted that while the Supreme Court decided last year that the Second Amendment gave citizens the right to keep and bear arms, “it is settled law, however, that the Second Amendment applies only to limitations the federal government seeks to impose on this right,” and not to limitations imposed by states.

“She essentially denied that the right to keep and bear arms was a fundamental right,” says Cornyn.

In many ways, the gun issue is a clever way for Republicans to attack Sotomayor — allowing them to ask legitimate, tough questions about her judicial record without getting caught in the political thicket of sexism or racism.

Second, Kay is going to explain her vote as a continuation of her no vote 10 years ago when Bill Clinton nominated Sotomayor to the lower court. I don't think Kay has any choice but to vote against Sotomayor, even if it costs her a little bit in the Hispanic community.

Guns and a previous no vote are pretty solid ground, even though she has never voted no to any Supreme Court nominee... including Clinton's nominees such as Ruthie Ginsberg... so far in her career. Kay is also on the record in the past saying that ideology should not determine a yes or no vote for the Supreme Court nominee. Reversing herself on that might not make Hispanic voters happy.

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  1. Tea Party Participants will closely watch full Senate vote to confirm Sotomayor.

    Next week, [first week in August] will be a very telling moment for Tea Party Participants who want nothing more than the documented intentions under which the federal Constitution was adopted to be observed and enforced.

    The full Senate will be voting next week to confirm Sonia Sotomayor as the next Justice on the SCOTUS. What is frightening among many Tea Party Participants concerning Sotomayor is that she blatantly exhibited a disrespect for our written Constitution, and, has even used her office of public trust on different occasions to subjugate constitutional guarantees!

    Sotomayor’s disrespect for America’s constitutional system was exhibited when she joked about judges making public policy, which sadly is in fact taking place at various levels within America’s judicial system, and is a direct assault upon America’s Republican Form of Government guaranteed under Article 4, Section 4 of our Constitution. Our Constitution authorizes our legislative branch of government, the people’s elected representatives, to be the only body allowed to enact public policy, and may only do so within the four corners of our Constitution and the list of enumerated powers granted to Congress. Our judicial branch of government is to enforce the documented intentions and beliefs under which our Constitution was adopted, which is void of a power to make public policy.

    But joking about subjugating the separation of powers in our constitutionally limited system of government as Sotomayor has done is just that__ a harmless joke. However, to actually engage in this very activity and use an office of public trust to subjugate and trample upon constitutional guarantees for no other reason than to impose one’s personal whims and fancies as public policy is far different than a joke, and is in fact an act of tyranny!

    Indeed, Sonia Sotomayor has used her office of public trust to engage in tyranny, and, Senator Graham supports her nomination and supports moving her confirmation forward and have a full vote in the Senate.

    And what are the tyrannical acts engaged in by Sonia Sotomayor which Senator Graham has given his tacit approval to by voting to confirm her? Sotomayor willfully ignored her oath of office to enforce the Fourteenth Amendment which was intentionally designed to forbid the force of government to be used to discriminate on the basis of race, and she sided with government force being used to discriminate on the bases of race (Ricci vs. DeStefano).

    In addition, Senator Graham apparently is comfortable with Sonia Sotomayor approving government force to be used to take a person’s property for a purpose other than a "public use" which is forbidden under the Fifth Amendment, and, Senator Graham seems to be ok with Sotomayor closing her eyes to government participating in an act of extortion in this same case, which is very, very, alarming! For details see: Senator Graham, (S.C.), confirms his traitorous ambitions

    The Republican Party Leadership has constantly complained about judge made law and how the Democrat Leadership gives its approving nod to such tyranny. But this is a good-cop bad-cop routine engaged in by members of Congress designed to keep the Washington Establishment in power. However, this coming week’s vote to confirm Sotomayor will expose the good-cop bad-cop game played by Senate members, and allow Tea Party Participants to identify those who are obedient to our written Constitution, and those who are complicit in subjugating the documented intentions and beliefs under which our Constitution was adopted.

    As to Senator Graham, let me personally thank you for exposing the Republican Party’s participation in the ongoing assault upon our constitutionally limited system of government!



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