Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kay brings in Pounder...

I don't know him personally, but Joe Pounder is a legend at sending lots of emails. He has the ability to be a game changer for Kay.

POLITICO tells the story (link). Excerpt follows...

Joe Pounder’s closes

t competition on theInternetis probably black-market Viagra.

Few communications staffers on or off the Hill dominate inboxes the way the strategic communications director for Republican whip Eric Cantor does. From the daily “Morning Whip-Up” — a news roundup topped with a punchy, agenda-steering note that pingsBlackBerrysat around 9 a.m. — to newsy blasts addressed simply to “ALL,” Pounder, 26, spends his days pushing his boss into the news cycle and, well, pounding his party’s agenda.

The Weekly Standard sez (link)...

One-man RNC Joe Pounder, whose releases frequently appear on this blog, is leaving the Whip's office to join Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign along with Jeff Sadosky, another McCain alum, who now works for KBH's Senate office. It's a testament to Cantor having a good team that other Republicans are going fishing for talent in his office, but Pounder's departure isn't exactly good news for Republicans. "Few communications staffers on or off the Hill dominate inboxes the way" Pounder does, said Politico in a recent profile. Hopefully Cantor's office continues to fill that role.

Huge hire for Kay. This might be the catch that turns her communications team around, especially if he can get down and dirty. Kay's new team may be from Washington, but they are varsity players. Rick's team has to be somewhat worried right now... they were already getting outdone on a lot of things by Kay's so called B Team, so how they will deal with guys like Sullivan and Pounder remains to be seen.

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