Thursday, July 23, 2009

Democrat Jason Stanford, Chris Bell's campaign manager, sez...

A tipster tweeted me to tell me about this podcast I somehow overlooked last week (link). It is an interview with former Rick foe Jason Stanford... he was the campaign manager for Chris Bell.

Some choice quotes...
"The only resource in politics you can't make more of is time."

"Rick Perry seems to be using his time more wisely."

"He is the best politician I have ever seen at the state level. He'd have to be with his record to keep getting reelected."
"Kay Bailey has had the field to herself for six months.... She didn't control the message. She didn't provide an effective voice for opposition to what Rick Perry was doing. She couldn't even stand up and defend the constitution of the United States in an effective way."
"Rick Perry has very effectively leveraged the whole teaparty movement into the terms of what everyone's writing about for this campaign. It's now an anti Washington... telling Obama to screw off basically... and casting Kay Bailey up there."
"There is no reflection in the media of the effective voice Kay Bailey actually provided in 2006, 2005. When Rick Perry was cutting CHIP and leaving almost a billion dollar on the table in federal matching funds, Kay Bailey was really leading the charge up there, and four years ago, she was criticizing the governor much more effectively four years ago than she is now."
"You can't do anything in August of an odd numbered year."
"She's really close to crunch time now."
"I think Rick Perry's gonna win."
"The amount of money works up to a point. You have to have enough money to effectively communicate. More money after effective is just more money as Tony Sanchez showed."
"Attacks are much more damaging to her. Everyone knows Rick Perry, and there are a lot of Republican primary voters out there who don't like some things that he do but they know him. Right? They know that.. they don't mind... okay... they might not have liked certain things that he did but they liked other things, but what is she going to say that's ever going to surprise them?"
"And there's a lot of things that he can say about her that's going to shock the hell out of Republican primary voters."
These Embry podcasts are very interesting... good work Jason.

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  1. If Jason Stanford knows so much then why does he hang his hat on such a loser ? (Bell) What did your opposition research tell us about how to guard percentages from Strayhorn and Kinky, hmmmmm?

    Sounds mostly like a great way to try and skew things so that whichever late Democrat (Hank Gilbert, really???) rides into battle, they can face the Haircut rather than the much more powerful and rich, Gramma NRA-NASA.


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