Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kay's message getting lost amidst the noise...

Kay's press conference yesterday was not the success it should have been.

Christy Hoppe has the story (link)...
She started out the year with a six-month head start to raise money, while Perry was tied up with the Legislature and prohibited from taking contributions. In January, she had a 20-point lead in some polls.

But that juggernaut has transformed itself into a maybe not.

Hutchison's problems were highlighted Monday.

First, she broke the first rule of saving the candidate for important, statesmanlike events. Instead of a finance chairman or well-known supporter announcing her contribution totals, she did it herself.


Then she intimated Perry had committed a crime, suggesting he was laying the groundwork for his contributions during the session. She offered no proof. His campaign immediately called her a liar.

If she had a message, it was lost.


But this week, most politicians would rather be Perry than Hutchison.
This should not be chalked up to shoddy campaign staff as Paul Burka would like to claim. This was Kay going off message and inviting follow up about her reckless charges against Rick. Kay herself made blunders, not her campaign staff, so lay off them already.

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