Monday, July 20, 2009

A tale of two teaparties... Kay and Rick...

Rick has been called a teaparty darling by POLITICO (link). By my estimate, he has attended at least half a dozen anti-tax teaparties in the past 3 months. His website has teaparty videos all up and down. He is probably more associated with teaparties than almost any other politician in America.

Kay did not attend any teaparties on April 15 or July 4, and her staff made a pretty big blunder on Friday when they were hostile to the teaparty protesters (link). I have gotten 9 separate emails from teaparty organizers with this link in it, so obviously there are some upset and highly organized people out there.

Kay has said she is against Obamacare, so this protest was more of a feet to the fire thing. These protesters were friendlies, but Kay's staff would not be bothered by them. A few excerpts...
Vic, a new friend from Euless arrived early to be told by Sen. Hutchison’s office manager that she would accept only one visitor at a time. In reality, we collectively and separately chose this site for our protest, hoping for media coverage due to the senator’s tentative plans to unseat Gov. Rick Perry. We all knew Sen. Hutchison’s position on these two critical issues – unfortunately, she is apparently out of touch with her constituency.

Unhappy Building ManagerI suppose her office manager could have simply joined us outside her office, but she elected to instead send sheaves of useless position papers that had absolutely no impact on anything we were doing.

The building manager called Dallas PD who quickly swarmed the site in substantial numbers to herd us like cattle away from the office building to the adjoining shopping center to the south. The building manager, apparently somewhat camera shy, became very unhappy when I photographed her as we departed the property. “Why are you doing this?” she yelled.


Confrontations with ACORN or other leftist organizations would have been acceptable, even uneventful, reactions. DSC02978.JPGAs a whole, we were surprised by a triple whammy of hostility by the senator’s office, the building manager and the Dallas Police Department.

I talked with a senior Dallas police officer, asking why we were being herded away from the office building. He replied that “these are the rules we put in place when (Cindy) Shahan was here”. Perhaps to the Dallas Police Department we were nothing more than a bunch of kooks.

You know, I liked the America I grew up in better than what our country is becoming.
Last week I explained that the Move On protests offered Kay a softball to tee up into the stands, but she watched the pitch go by. If there is one thing Republican primary voters don't like it is ACORN and Move On. She could have used their protests to her advantage but didn't.

When it comes to the teaparty protests, Kay could have used this again to her advantage in a different way. Remember when George W. Bush got up on the rubble with the bullhorn after 9/11? She could have had a staffer go out and basically give that same speech. "I hear you... Kay hears you... and soon Obama will hear you too!"

UPDATED at 3:30 in the afternoon...

A teaparty organizer sends this video....
Watch at the end... bad PR move by Kay's team.

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