Friday, July 17, 2009

Kay in full on attack dog mode... copying all the liberal attacks made against Rick over the years...

Last night Kay sent out an email attacking Rick for Texas insurance rates.

I am practically done with her and her campaign. Are they really going to use the exact same attacks that Chris Bell made in 2006? Kay took the play book from Democrats and thinks this is going to fly in a Republican primary.

Insurance rates? Really? I guess she would rather the government dictate insurance rates and hold them artificially low? What are her alternative ideas for insurance rates?

Kay is losing me with this junk. She is running a shameful, desperate campaign right now. Attack dog is not a nice look for her.

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Hey now, campaign characters. Be nice. I know a lot of you on both sides, so I don't want any overly foul language, personal attacks on anyone other than the candidates themselves, or other party fouls. I will moderate the heck out of you if you start breaking the bounds of civility.