Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gulf War research and Kay

Kay teamed up with Chet Edwards to bring funds for Gulf War Syndrome research to Texas (link). Excerpts follow...

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and UT-Southwestern researchers had bumped heads so often that the VA's inspector general recently recommended that it cut off funding to the Dallas school's research into the causes of Gulf War illnesses.

Gulf War illnesses

What caused them?
No one knows for sure, but researchers are pursing various possibilities from parasites to toxins on the battlefield. Other scientists contend the illnesses are related to war stress.

What are the symptoms?
They include aching muscles, neurological problems, irritability, thick saliva, weight loss, rashes, memory loss, chronic fevers, labored breathing and headaches. Patients may have some, none or different ones.

What are the treatments?
There is no overall treatment, just various treatments for specific symptoms.

Thankfully, cooler heads seem to have prevailed due to the intervention of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards of Waco. They say both sides are making reasonable concessions to keep this vital research project alive.

A sad disease for a lot of people.

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  1. Note how KBH had no juice to get this done while bush was in office, it took Chet Edwards to get it done and kbh was along for the ride KBH is a phony


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