Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Say it ain't so Joe.

It looks like the rumors of Joe Allbaugh taking over Kay's campaign are not true (link). Excerpt follows...
Just the fact that Francis talked to Allbaugh, who says online here that he’s got a consulting firm with offices in Austin, Washington and Oklahoma City, prompted a July buzz about whether Allbaugh was about to take a leadership role in Hutchison’s campaign.

Allbaugh, when I reached him, didn’t confirm or deny he’d been nudged to consider a position. He also didn’t sound eager to get involved in the race.

“I quit doing campaigns a long time ago and probably am not returning any time soon,” Allbaugh said. “I’m not exactly plugged into the Texas political scene currently.”

“It is of no professional value to me to be caught between two friends,” meaning Hutchison and Perry.
In the Hillary/Obama battle, this lack of engagement happened to some degree, but you did have some top level talent on both sides. I bet a lot of people are just waiting to see how things play out before bandwagoning with the winner.

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