Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kay...

Todd Gillman informs us that today is Kay's birthday. She was born during the middle of World War 2 in Galveston 66 years ago today.

Gillman adds more trivia to the mix (link). Excerpt follows...
A bit of trivia: if she wins the governors race, when she takes office in early 2010 she would be the oldest person ever to take the oath of office as Texas governor for the first time.
I don't think Rick will be able to exploit Kay's age the way Obama exploited McCain's age, since Rick is not as young as Obama and Kay is not as old as McCain, but this trivia cannot be making Kay's peeps happy today. Kay being 66 years old cuts against their "change" and "she is the future of the party" messages. If Kay wins, she would be 70 near the end of her first term. If she wins a second term, as governors tend to want to try to do, she would be 74. I think for a woman being a little older is not as troubling to voters as a man that age. McCain was harmed by his age because he was just not as sharp as Obama. He showed a lot of signs of being old. Kay definitely still shows a lot of youth.

Rick is 59 right now, not exactly Obama style spring chicken either, although some of his extreme sports mountain biking is more something a 20 year old might do... breaking your collar bone on a bike is a lot more youthful than falling in an airport or somewhere and breaking something like Hillary and Sotomayor both did recently.

If the youth vote is a big deal in 2010... which I doubt... it will probably be voting for Bill White anyway.

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