Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kay's endorsement of the Biden 3 state Iraqi solution.

I have been struck by the news from Iraq this week... or should I say the lack of news from Iraq this week. America won this war. There is almost no fanfare.
This week, Kay's team has been extremely proud of touting her trip to Iraq (link), and one Kay associate told me that they viewed this Iraq trip as a "golden nugget for the press" and that it would be "putting the train back on the rails." I didn't realize it was off the rails??? Which train?

Of all the things that bother me about Rick or Kay, I have been troubled most of all from the very beginning of this decision making process by Kay's endorsement of the Biden plan 2 or 3 years back.

Instead of the surge, which undeniably has worked and won America a true victory for freedom in the heart of the middle east, Kay proposed to partition Iraq into 3 independent countries (link). Excerpt follows...

Within Congress, however, the temptation to indulge Iraq's warring factions in their desire to divide the country has grown. The most prominent proponent of carving Iraq into three major ethnically based provinces, with regions for the Kurds, Sunni Arabs and Shiites under a weak federal umbrella, is Democratic Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware. The idea has now been adopted by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas. She told the Texas press last week, "Yes, it would be hard to do, but it would be worth trying ... People say, 'Well, that would balkanize the country.' Well, things are pretty stable in the Balkans right now. It's looking better than Iraq."

The senators believe that as the conflict in Iraq continues and sectarian violence mounts, trying to make Iraqs battling ethnic groups cooperate with one another in multiethnic provinces has begun to look like a mistake. But surely it is the souring of the U.S. electorate on the war and the need of election campaigns to sketch out distinctive positions and realistic solutions to the crisis that in some part impels U.S. politicians to turn to this desperate expedient.

At the time, I was extremely angry that Kay and Sam Brownback both endorsed this stupid idea. I mostly forgot about it over the years, but Kay's photo-ops in Iraq this week and her lack of a statement that the USA had won are both irking me bigtime.

The three state solution for Iraq would have been a disaster, and I am glad President Bush didn't try to force that on the Iraqi people and instead had the courage to stand up to people like Kay and... and Joe Biden... who were trying to find a quick political out instead of a real solution.

Bravo to Bush. History will treat him much better than current news is treating him, of that I am 100% sure. He was a lousy president in some ways, but this week's victory in Iraq really goes a long way in vindicating him on this war.

As for Kay this has nothing to do with being the governor of Texas but does show really weak judgment on her part.

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