Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where are they?

Gromer posts some details of where Rick and Kay will be coming up soon.

Rick will be the key speaker in Dallas Thursday (link). Excerpt follows...

Gov. Rick Perry must be in a charitable mood.

At a time when he's in a fund-raising battle with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Perry has agreed to be the guest at fund-raising event where all the money is going to the Dallas County Republican Party.

The "intimate" luncheon is scheduled for Thursday at Edison's in Dallas.

Perry is being challenged by Hutchison for the GOP nomination for governor.

The Republican Primary is in March.

Gomer also thinks Kay might announce she is resigning on August 17 (link). Excerpt follows...

The buzz among North Texas Republicans is that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison will formally announce her campaign for governor on Aug. 17. She is also expected to embark on a major bus tour throughout the state.

Kay always does a big bus tour in summertime, so this would fit into that schedule anyway.

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