Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kay looking very strong on fundraising...

Kay's team is putting out lots of big fund raising numbers. 6500 individual contributors since January.

They put out this elegant video that really explains it all...

Looks like Kay's team is going to have a huge total number. If you assume an average of 2000 dollars per contributor, which is likely on the low side due to Kay's newfound ability to raise money from all around the country in unlimited quantities... even into the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars... while she is a sitting senator... that gives you 13 million raised. Add that to her number before, minus the money she has spent so far this year, and you are looking at just a stunning number from her camp. Upper teens, maybe 20 million dollars on hand.

Add in Burka's blog today on Rick's possible fundraising totals... which I am being told are inflated but still probably solid, and this race looks even more expensive than once thought. Brace yourselves boys and girls. It could get ugly.

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