Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kay missed another Senate vote Monday, chose campaigning instead...

Here is what I don't get about Kay's announcement Monday. She announced that she would announce for governor next month. Why not just announce?

While in Dallas for that botched announcement, Kay missed yet another vote (link). It was the confirmation vote for the Census director.

Hutchison (R-TX), Not Voting

It has become a pretty nasty habit for Kay... missing votes.

Her lone vote would not have made the difference on this vote, but she still avoided a controversial vote to campaign.

Kay's head is definitely not in the Senate game. It is almost every week that I blog about another missed vote for Kay. Is she running or not? Is she fighting for us in Washington or not? This one foot in one foot out stuff is not cutting it. Resign and run for governor, or stay and do your job.

Missed votes are not acceptable as a member of the United States Senate. If you don't want the job, let's get someone else in there who does want it.

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