Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kay's team continues to suggest that Rick raised money during session...

Rick met with supporters during session, and Kay's team wants it to be a scandal (link). Excerpt follows...

Hans Klingler, a spokesman for Hutchison, said he is not surprised in the explanation.

"Perry was trying to cash in during the session by playing the old 'I can't ask you for a donation just yet, wink wink, but I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks, wink wink,' " Klingler said.


Meetings Gov. Rick Perry held during the 2009 legislative session with business leaders and supporters:

Feb. 26: Paesanos restaurant, San Antonio

March 3: The Crescent, Dallas

March 12: Willy G's, Houston

March 24: Cobblestone Court, Brownsville

March 25: Lubbock Club, Lubbock

April 2: Brennan's, Houston

April 7: The Crescent, Dallas

April 14: Café Annie, Houston

April 30: Willow Brook Country Club, Tyler

May 12: Club Giraud, San Antonio

May 21: La Griglia, Houston

SOURCE: Perry campaign

Insinuations abound, but having political meetings with supporters is nothing new. Not having any events with supporters would have meant Rick was not running again.


  1. Hans Klingler straight called you out on this morning. You gonna take that? Turn the other cheeck?

  2. How did Governor Perry meet at Brennan's in Houston on April 2, 2009 when Brennan's was destroyed by fire during Hurricane Ike, has been closed ever since for renovations, and is expected to open some time in the fall?

  3. Your post also seems sort of one sided and fails to mention any of the points in Senator Hutchison's favor. If you want to maintain the appearance of being a reputable source for campaign news rather than just a fanboy, it would behoove you in the future to mention that the campaign, not the Governor's office, footed the bill for the meals.

    Also, from the same article from the DMN, an INDEPENDENT news source, "The governor touted the $4.2 million he raised in only nine days, but campaign records examined by The Dallas Morning News show that Perry was quietly putting out reminders and gearing up the machine in advance of his small window to raise money after the legislative session."


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