Friday, February 26, 2010

And so it begins... Kay pushing back resignation...

Seeing the writing on the wall about next Tuesday, Kay is already walking back from her frequent promises to resign after losing to Rick (link). Excerpt follows...

With four days to go before the gubernatorial primary, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison this morning bought herself as many as eight more months in the Senate. Speaking on WBAP's Mark Davis Show, she said she plans to resign from the Senate
"sometime this year before the November elections."

That's a rather significant amendment to her most recent public posture. In December, at a Republican gathering in Galveston, she said she would resign after the primary, win or lose. And she has repeated that privately to GOP donors and supporters.


This marks at least the fifth iteration of Hutchison's resignation plans. Last summer she said she would resign by the end of November. That turned into, by November she would announce her plans for when she would resign. Then came, she would stay in the Senate long enough to fight Democratic health care reform and cap-and-trade legislation and then resign. And then the December declaration in Galveston.

So it begins... she is probably already plotting an image rehabilitation tour from March through March 2012 when she will probably run again and probably have one or more primary opponents...

This is a big about face... and will only further anger all the peeps who need those dominoes to start falling to move up the ladder... it will make others happy because they never wanted her to run for governor in the first place...

Isn't it amazing that we are right back where we started... after bashing each other over the head for a year and draining party resources...

Next Wednesday, I hope my fellow Republicans will express in constructive ways their feelings with Kay and her peeps that tens of millions of dollars were spent before the general election... sapping down ballot races and depleting Republican dollars to take on the liberals in Texas.

This is a team sport, and peeps on the same team compete for playing time sure... but the loser in the deal for a lot of reasons usually gets traded to the Clippers. Kay, it's time to book your flight for Los Angeles.

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  1. With the polls against her, this is an "oppurtunity" for Kay to realize to herself that she's made a very bad career decision. If she justs drops out right now and gets behind Perry, people would see that she care's more about Texas then just her own goals. This decision requires courage and humility, it will look weak at first, but people will respect her more in the end.


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