Friday, February 26, 2010

Medina continues to disappoint...

9/11 truther Debra Medina continues to disappoint (link). Excerpt follows...

According to data compiled by OMB Watch, Medina’s medical billing company, Prudentia Inc., was granted a $50,000 federal loan guarantee shortly after she incorporated it in 2002. The loan guarantee came courtesy of a program administered by the Small Business Administration, headquartered in Washington—a program that Republicans tried to kill twice in the past 15 years. Thanks to the federal government’s loan guarantees, Medina and people like her are able to secure loans for their fledgling small businesses that banks might otherwise be reluctant to grant, or would charge a higher rate of interest on.

How did Medina qualify? The federal record describes such loan guarantees as being “for small businesses which are unable to obtain financing in the private credit marketplace.” In the terms of Ayn Rand, this makes Medina one of the “moochers” who needed to soak the “producers” to fund her business, rather than (to use Medina’s words) “having the courage” to let the business sink or swim in the free market. Apparently Medina was not ready to face her beloved free market: She stood in judgment before the Invisible Hand, got an invisible thumbs down and beelined it straight to Uncle Sam for a loan guarantee.

And yet Medina does not want to share the welfare she gets with her fellow Texans, which seems kind of unfair. Here’s what she’s promising to offer the suckers: “Get the government off their back, let them get out there and get a job, and we don’t have to worry about unemployment, that charity does not belong with the government,” she told one right-wing radio host.

But while Medina would get government off everyone else’s back, she has made a handsome profit piggybacking on the government twice over: first, with a federal loan guarantee, and, even worse, by using that government-subsidized business to soak the taxpayers of Wharton, Texas, her hometown, by obtaining lucrative city contracts.

Debra Medina... phony. Read that whole expose... it is a good thing she is slipping in the polls... she is not a hero, just someone with questions about whether the government helped bring down the buildings in New York City on September 11th... start from there and it doesn't get much better.


  1. You and the blog you link to are morons. The SBA has become the market for small business loans under $5 million just as the DoE has become the market for student loans and Fannie and Freddie has become the market for home mortgages... Go ahead, try to get a loan from a bank that doesn't force you into a guarantee by those departments.

    The blog you point to is ridiculous. People don't self identify race on their voter registration. The state decides certain last names are spanish surnames and place an indicator flag on their record. This is the government grouping people, not Debra.

  2. Can't wait for the next expose when you reveal her checking account is backed by the FDIC.

    This is truly weak sauce.

    Refreshing to know that after the two $50 million Goliaths in this race have dug through Medina's life, this is all they have come up with.

  3. I bet she uses the U.S. Postal Service to send letters too.

    I hear she drinks Coca Cola that is made with high fructose corn syrup which is made from corn which is subsidized by the Dept of Agriculture farm subsidies. Oh, the hypocrisy.

    She should be more like Kay and vote for bank bailouts which funds two banks that she has an ownership interest in...or like Rick and mandate 11 year old girls get vaccines against sexually transmitted diseases after receiving campaign donations from Merck.

  4. So basically, when she introduces herself as a "successful small businesswoman," she's misleading us all? Sounds like she only made ends meat through federal handouts...should the Perry folks start calling her "Deb Bailout?"

  5. I'm confused--how do we know that when she repaid any bit of that loan the money didn't go to the arm of the federal government that she claims brought down the World Trade Center?

    She makes me sick. In two years when she runs for something else and loses, I hope this comes up again...

  6. Look at all the pissed of 911 Truthers that come on here to say, "How dare you question Medina?! Let's waste our time with dead issues like HPV and TTC, not about the truth that Medina sucks..."
    Medina supporters are also hypocrites! They can't stand it when Medina is questioned about her integrity, but by God they will not stop trying to question every litte thing that Rick does. Good grief!
    It's like Medina is exposed as a fraud, they are silent.
    BUT if Rick Perry ACCIDENTLY bumps into somebody, oh my gosh they get all up in arms and are all over his nuts for it!
    That's how they are, knit pick every single little thing about Rick but we must give Medina a chance... uhhh NO!!! Thank God she will be gone after Tuesday!

  7. Oh Oh, "Rick vs Kay", looks like the Medina radicals are getting restless!

    That will teach you to raise any litgitimate questions about her!

    Everything's a conspiracy I say, I say, I say!
    ...Foghorn Leghorn

  8. Medina needs a tall glass of STFU. I hate her voice. She sounds like Kermit or Fozzie Bear or somebody. I am sick of having to see her ugly face and listen to her stupid voice. How could anyone like her?

  9. Rick Perry Home HQ Anon need to fix your copy and one mentioned TTC, but now that you have...that's not dead. If it were dead, Rick wouldn't have asked for CDA legislation in the 2009 special session.

  10. Medina HQ@8:20
    Your nutcase truther leader Medina is knowingly or unwittingly, a tool of Obama to help secure the election of a Dem. Gov for Tx. A whacko fringe candadite who infiltrated the TPM falsely running under the flag of a Republican conservative (hoping to secure the vote of unsuspecting Republicans).


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