Saturday, February 6, 2010

Touching story you don't always hear...

I'll let this one speak for itself (link). Excerpt follows...
The day after Pete was killed, I was sitting at the dining room table with Hardtail, just trying to make sense of all that was going on.

My cell phone rang. "Unknown" said the caller ID.

Thought about letting it pass, but I answered it.

"Alan, this is Rick Perry."

Rick Perry was and is the Governor of Texas.

I had never met him, never made a contribution, never known anything about him.

Governor Perry, or Rick as he insisted, talked to me for 35 minutes that day.

He is the Governor of a state of 25 million people.

But he talked to me that day as one father to another.
Very moving story... read the whole thing, it's pretty short but very touching (link).

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  1. Last May I attended a function for Rick Perry. I had a chance to speak to him so I asked where his wife was. "Babysitting" he replied. I was confused so I asked someone else what he meant. It seems that Rick and Anita had taken in a wounded friend of Marcus Luttrell (sp?), the SEAL who wrote Lone Survivor, just as they had Marcus when he needed them.

    Quitely, Rick Perry is walking the walk. With no fanfare, no using his, and Anita's, actions for political gain. Simply Texans taking care of other Texas who have also walked the walk.

    This story does not surprise me about Rick Perry.

    One other thing; right after the Fort Hood shootings, I found that Rick Perry was on top of it, offering the federal governement the full force of Texas law enforcement, and other resources, to handle the tragedy. Kay Bailey, on the other hand, was doing cameos on Fox, being asked questions about the situtation at Fort Hood that she had no answers for. Like the death toll, which was scrolling at the bottom of my screen. Hutchinson was in full campaign mode that day. John Cornyn was on a plane heading home to Texas.


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