Monday, February 15, 2010

Some counties in West Texas won't be able to vote in GOP primary...

There are some counties out in West Texas that won't get to vote for Rick, Kay, or Medina (link). Excerpt follows...
Starting tomorrow, Texans can vote in what is likely to be the most contested Republican gubernatorial primary in state history. But voters in 14 counties won't be able to vote for incumbent Rick Perry or for either of his challengers, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison or conservative insurgent Debra Medina.

If GOP voters in those counties want to vote in the gubernatorial race, they'll have to settle for former Houston Mayor Bill White, for Houston hair care magnate Farouk Shami or for any of the five unknown Democrats running in the March 2 primary.


It's the same old story. The state Republican and Democratic parties could not find people interested in becoming party chairmen in those counties. And since the parties run the primaries in Texas, if there is no county chairman, the party can't hold an election.

We Republicans really need to get on the ball with this... early voting begins tomorrow so it is too late for this year, but every county should have a chairman. Neighboring counties need to help recruit if there is a vacancy. Old chairs should have succession plans...

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