Monday, February 8, 2010

Kay's Super Bowl Ad...

I did not see this ad at my hotel in Houston, so it was definitely limited in terms of a buy... but it apparently ran during the Super Bowl... which means they spent at least tens of thousands of dollars running it maybe more depending on which markets they chose. It is all about Rick's staff peeps who make "Perry attack ads" in a dark office. It even uses some of the real names of Rick's peeps which is interesting... they must really be getting under the skin of Kay for her to sign off on an ad like this.

I bet a lot of people end up watching this very very funny ad on the internet... and I bet absolutely nobody is swayed by it. It is funny. The physical comedy. The line at the end. Really really well done. People vote on issues though, and I don't think this does anything to help her... which is probably why it won't air more than the one time if I had to guess. Creative political ads are not always the best for moving voters. Simple ads with repetitive messages are what wins elections... this ad doesn't really give anyone a reason to vote for Kay... or an actual reason not to vote for Rick.

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