Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rick talking border security...

Kay made border security an issue... briefly... but she seems to have withdrawn her border security ads.... it is hard to tell but it seems like she is going with a Nolan Ryan ad right now which is probably her best ad of the entire campaign... and Rick is still making moves on border security (link). Excerpt follows...

Taking a few shots at federal inattentiveness to border security, Gov. Rick Perry this morning hailed Texas’ state-funded intelligence and enforcement initiatives to secure its border from Mexican drug cartrels and trans-national crime gangs.

Addressing a gathering of major-city chiefs of police from the United States and Canada, Perry said the state stepped in when border-security funding “was shortchanged by our federal government.”

In the last two years alone, he said, Texas has appropriated more than $110 million to border security initiatives — ranging from the deployment of state military and police units in some border areas to the creation of so-called “fusion centers” where information from the field can be analyzed and shared between many agencies for better coordination of enforcement efforts.

“What happens along that border affects each of our cities,” he told the group, which includes police chiefs from 61 metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada. They are meeting in a downtown hotel in a series of closed-door strategy briefings and discussions during the next two days.

“Without border security, there is no national security,” Perry said.

Was all of this in response to Kay's border ad... which only ended up running for a few days?

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