Sunday, February 21, 2010

Medina's flagging campaign... in pictures...

Some of Debra Medina's supporters in emails to me and on twitter were predicting that thousands would show up for her event in Ft. Worth yesterday... based on the pictures of the event very few people showed up to root for Debra Medina.

You have to wonder with such vocal Medina peeps on the internet... can that translate into actual crowds... actual peeps showing up to vote?

I doubt it...

Not only did thousands not show up, I don't know that you can say that hundreds showed up... based on the pictures for Roger Williams... he seemed to have more than Medina indicating that people came to support the tea party but left before Medina spoke... even as Medina spoke you can see people in green shirts who were all there for Rick Green or some other candidate...

The Ft. Worth Star Telegram has an anecdotal story of peeps fleeing Medina's camp and choosing Rick instead (link). Excerpt follows...

In the heavily Republican Fort Worth area, where the 47-year-old businesswoman enjoys her strongest support, there are indications that the gaffe may have chased at least some Medina supporters into Perry's camp.

Switching signs

"We've had a few people who returned Medina signs and have switched their support to Rick Perry and wanted Rick Perry signs," said Tarrant County Republican Chairwoman Stephanie Klick.

Medina also spoke at a mostly empty theater in Gainesville (link). Campaigning 101 sez that you should never speak at these big venues unless you can cram a ton of peeps into them...

I think it is pretty obvious that Medina's "gaffes" if you can call them that are hurting Medina and whatever enthusiasm she had going for her. I think I would not call them gaffes either. I would probably call them revealing moments... for example watch some of them at these links (link) (link) (link).

Medina is no Scott Brown or Marco Rubio. She has not caught fire in raising money... and I would love to see new polling data showing that her support is evaporating. I hope her support is evaporating. I want the Republican Party of Texas to be a big tent party, but truther and birthers and Bilderberg one world globalist conspiracy theorists... neo John Birchers if you will... are not what will help us maintain conservative leadership in Texas. I am not sure you can even call Medina a true conservative with some of her views...


  1. Deb Medina is a nut bag. Full of FAIL!

  2. Debra Medina is drawing criticism like Sarah Palin, because her opponents are afraid that she might actually win. Why else would anyone bother to even talk about her???

  3. Sarah Palin was a mayor and Governor of the state of Alaska, a vice-presidential candadite, and is a "true blooded conservative".

    Debra Medina is a whacko fringe Alex Jones Libertarian who infiltrated the TPM falsely running under the flag of a Republican conservative hoping to secure the vote of unsuspecting Republicans.

    Medina and her whacko supporters are actually attacking Sarah Palin for her values and loyal support to the conservative agenda! There is no comparision, period.

  4. Medina's supporters have also helped marginalized her campaign with the truther talking points on the web and in person. Everything is a conspiracy to them.

    Her remarks in today's Dallas Morning News about the guy who flew the plane into the IRS building in Austin demonstrate she clearly did not learn anything from the Beck interview. This woman is clearly not ready for prime time.

  5. From one anonymous to another (whoever said, "Debra Medina is drawing criticism like Sarah Palin, because her opponents are afraid that she might actually win.")...
    One of the many differences between Medina and Palin is that Palin has a chance in winning. Medina... uhhh no.

  6. Sarah Palin worked her way up the chain. Medina should have run for Ag Commissioner or something else first. Or a non statewide office. City council. School board. She had no business running for gov.


    says a lot about those who follow her.

  8. My God, why doesn't this woman have someone around her to do some damage control? Perhaps putting some heavy duty duct tape over her mouth?

    Take a look at the crowd. They are mostly youngsters, much like the Ron Paul bunch (except for the guy in the yellow t-shirt who looks like he is walking away).

    Will someone please take the shovel out of her hand? Her hole is deep enough. Time for her to cut her losses. She won't be able to be elected for dog catcher after this.

  9. I challenge yall to look at the videos of the debates, then you will learn something about what a real candidate for governor behaves.

    The other two, establishment hacks, lapdogs for the corrupt political machines...

    Well, if you do your research you'll find the truth.

    Go to "the truth about Rick Perry" on Facebook

    or search slickrickperry

    Won't take much effort.

    Research the Trans Texas Corridor.

  10. Isn't it odd, ever since Medina got into the election, Palin and Perry are suddenly with the NWO, they're Bilderbergers, they're Globalist's, everything is suddenly a conspiracy, 9/11 is an inside job, Beck and Perry set Medina up, Alex Jones; Her and her radical nutjobs are the source of all this propaganda, the common denominator!


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