Sunday, February 7, 2010

Austin American Statesman seals the win for Rick... endorses Kay...

The Austin American Statesman has endorsed Kay... which pretty much wraps this thing up for Rick (link).

Kay Bailey Hutchison might not be the flashiest or the most beloved politician Texas has ever produced, but it's a mistake to discount or denigrate her accomplishments and record.

As an institution, we have disagreed with the senator on various issues, but we recognize her effectiveness. We also appreciate the fact that she acts like an adult, talks like an adult and treats Texans like adults.


She worked heroically to fund the Children's Health Insurance Program, making available dollars that the governor and Legislature were content to forgo while Texas children went uninsured. Turning back federal money doesn't mean it was refunded to taxpayers; it just went to other states to finance their CHIP programs.


Turning down the federal assistance isn't fiscal conservatism — it's fiscal folly sold as conservatism. Minimizing or ignoring the dropout rate is even bigger folly. Dropouts don't contribute to the economy, they are drag on it.

Kay can't even promote this... this endorsement will lose her Republican primary votes...

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  1. Kay Bailey is so terrible. I can't stand her. No wonder she is falling into third place.


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