Monday, February 8, 2010

Kay uses Sarah Palin in her atrocious web ad...

Another really really bad web ad from Kay trying to jump on the Sarah Palin bandwagon...

Where do I begin?

Kay's peeps are trying to hook onto the Palin thing and use her as a positive for Kay? I thought they were trying to make her seem hypocritical or insignificant... Kay's peeps do realize Palin endorsed Rick and had a big rally with thousands of screaming people right?

Who is running the show for Kay these days? This is one of the worst political ads I have ever seen... my brain is hurting trying to remember a worse and more pathetic ad...

Just stop Kay... just... stop...


  1. Really bad. Amazingly bad, even, if that is still possible.

  2. That is funny! If Perry's people were smart they sould do a quick internet rebuttal ad using footage from Meet the Press just after Palin's selection as VP candidate where KBH said she knew very little about Palin. Also, many newspaper quotes where she was very dismissive of Palin's lack of experience and abilities. Many people at the time thought KBH had her nose out of joint because if McCain wanted a woman running mate he should have chosen her instead of Palin.

    In fact, many people believe Palin endorsed Perry so early (last January) more to spite KBH for her bad treatment of her, than any real support for Perry.


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