Monday, February 1, 2010

Local money in West Texas... Lubbock... Midland... Abilene...

Lubbock luvs Rick it seems (link). Excerpt follows...

Lubbock donors gave the governor three times the campaign dollars of all his competitors combined, according to an Avalanche-Journal analysis of campaign finance documents covering donations since July.

Gov. Rick Perry trounced competitors for campaign donations from Lubbock zip codes, raising more than $72,000 from donors who reported zip codes within Lubbock County. More than $70,000 of the contributions came from inside city limits.

By the numbers

Local campaign finance donations to candidates in the spring primaries:

Rick Perry: $72,641

Kay Bailey Hutchison: $13,810

Bill White: $8,585

Debra Medina: $125

Source: Texas Ethics Commission

My prediction is that Kay has gained some serious ground since she was just in Lubbock with Dick Armey... the next report will reflect that...

Midland tells a similar story to Lubbock (link). Excerpt follows...
Taking in the most recent campaign finance report turned in by Republican candidates, Perry topped Kay Bailey Hutchison ($118,722 to $46,888) in dollars from those identifying themselves as being from Midland.
Those figures do not take into consideration donations less than $250.

Perry scores bigger, More often: The difference between the two can be seen in the larger donations. Hutchison reported 32 donations of $500 or more. Perry had 50.
Hutchison claimed three $5,000 donations, her highest of the period. Perry received one for $25,000, one for $10,000, a $6,500 donation and four others for $5,000. That is $61,000 from Perry's top seven donations, which is more than $14,000 greater than Hutchison's entire collection.

That is a lot of money: When you think how much money is $118,722, consider this. No candidate running for mayor of Midland has ever raised that much money (not including personal loans) during an entire campaign. Apparently, not all politics are local.

Looks like we have a Bushie for Perry: One theme being played out during this gubernatorial primary is that those who supported George W. Bush have been lining up behind Kay Bailey Hutchison. From Dick Cheney to George H.W. to Karl Rove to Karen Hughes and many locally, they pledged their support and money behind Sen. Hutchison. Well, a $10,000 donation from Bush's Commerce Secretary Don Evans (and his wife) to Rick Perry shows us there is at least one prominent Bush backer willing to stand behind the current governor.
Abilene has Kay ahead but just like Lubbock where Kay had not had her big event there yet I bet Rick will gain in the next report in Abilene (link). Excerpt follows...

Campaign finance reports filed recently with the Texas Ethics Commission show the number of donors who contributed to campaigns from Abilene was evenly split between Hutchison and Perry. Hutchison’s report shows 62 people contributed to her campaign, while Perry’s lists 59 donors.

What stands out is the difference in the amount of money each collected. Hutchison brought in almost $87,000, which is more than three times the $25,000 that Perry collected.

Skimming through Kay's report there are a lot more married couples split into separate individual donations... while Rick's report seems to leave the couples... well... coupled more...

I think the vast majority of votes will come from the Houston and Dallas areas... but the West Texas data is interesting to look at...

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