Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When Rick is winning over Bud Kennedy... pigs flying next?

Bud Kennedy seems to dislike Republicans in general and Rick specifically...

Which made his column about the debate last Friday so different... (link). Excerpt follows...

Hutchison wound up backtracking into past answers about abortion, the complicated formula for highway funding and the federal gasoline tax.

The third candidate in the race, Wharton Republican Debra Medina, had a few zingers but then fell apart in a geeked-out closing statement about "globalization" and "sovereignty" and throwing off shackles.

By the end, Hutchison was mostly looking down at her notes. Perry was still staring squarely at viewers, saying good night to Texans everywhere and "may God bless the great state of Texas." He might as well have said, "We’ll be back with the update in ’11."

Pretty much... although if Kay has some bad dirt on Rick now is the time to spring it...

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