Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kay's porker of the year almost win...

Want to know why Kay is losing ground in the polls, now down by 15 and closer to third place than first? Look no further than her cluelessness on this porker award (link)...

Hutchison's inclusion in the poll was more significant than the actual result, as the unscientific, online survey only drew 5,000 votes. The senator was a candidate because she requested 149 projects worth $1.6 billion in spending bills for fiscal year 2010, said David Williams, the watchdog group's vice president for policy.

"She was really just egregious," he said.

Earmarks, programs that are sought by specific lawmakers and aren't competitively bid, have been a frequent source of dispute between Perry and Hutchison. Critics say earmarks invite abuse and steer funds away from more important projects.

"With a 17-year career in Washington of voting for bailouts, record deficits and billions in earmarks, Senator Hutchison is once again being recognized for her bad spending habits," said Perry campaign spokesman Mark Miner.

Hutchison has defended the earmarks practice and boasted of her ability to get funding for Texas projects.

"Kay Bailey Hutchison has fought to ensure that Texas tax dollars come back to Texas instead of going to other states," said Hutchison spokesman Jeff Sadosky. "Her effectiveness has resulted in funding for Texas military installations, Texas veterans and vital infrastructure needs, which translates into Texas jobs."

Kay and her team think this is a positive for them.

They don't seem to grasp that people are upset with this kind of spending practice... the you scratch my back and I scratch your back... and we all get things that are not able to stand up on their own merits...

It all goes back to pork... and the fact that Kay has voted for a lot of pork for other states. Even if she has brought back x amount, she has sent xxxxxxxxx amount to other states like Alabama... and people aren't happy about it.

Pork is not a political winner the way it used to be. Especially in the era of tea parties and a 14 trillion dollar federal debt.

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