Saturday, February 13, 2010

Medina continues pressing her crazy September 11th truther ideas... wheels falling off completely for her campaign...

Medina is playing the role of victim... blaming her truther comments on a well coordinated conspiracy between Glenn Beck and Rick's campaign... yet she keeps piling on herself... the latest truther comments she has made include saying she has serious questions about how the towers fell and about how no police officers died on September 11th. Watch these clips and see for yourself... this is full blown truther stuff... worse than the Glenn Beck interview (link)...

This is Rosie O'Donnell, Charlie Sheen trutherism... whether she understands that or not.

There is no remaining doubt that Medina is a truther. She is also a birther (link)... what else is there about her that the msm failed to ask her during the debates or in other settings? They were so eager to see her force a run off that they never asked her any of these questions. They also failed to ask her about some of her out of the mainstream issue positions as well...

Quite frankly peeps this should not have caught anyone by surprise. Some bloggers... not to toot my own horn too much... who have been paying attention have been trying to warn everyone else for many months now (link) (link)...

Medina is so off message that she is only "raising more questions" as some are putting it (link)...

Now get this... Debra Medina's peeps staged a press conference to try to address the truther thing. Staged being a key word... her staff sat amongst the gaggle of media and asked her softball planted questions during the press conference (link). Excerpt follows...
"The political games we saw beginning to be played yesterday serve nothing but a diversion," she said, denying that her news conference in Houston — during which some questions were posed by Medina campaign staff seated among reporters — was an effort at damage control. "No. This is continuing doing what we've been doing, campaigning hard for months."

Medina needs a lot more scrutiny to put her candidacy to bed once and for all. Everything to Medina is a big conspiracy and never her own fault. It is usually big mean Rick and his powerful friends holding her down.

This is the same thing that happened during the debates... Medina should have never been included in the debates in the first place. She was a distraction the entire time... but her peeps made the entire debate process into this grand conspiracy against her. Medina thrives on that. It is the basis of her campaign... being the victim of conspiracies.

Medina is such a grossly unacceptable candidate it is beginning to make sense why she was drawing the bulk of her support from Obama voters and to quote myself "Liberal/Mod" "Non-GOP" who don't frequently attend church and live in the Austin area (link).

Yet she was pulling ahead of Kay before the September 11th truther news hit so big. Medina has also raised a surprisingly good (for her) but still relatively small (for Texas) amount of money this week (from truther sympathizers I guess?)... and added Facebook supporters at a much faster rate than Rick or Kay. Maybe this will help her surge past Kay once and for all... maybe it will sink her back to 4%.

I hope... as a long time party activist who has attended many national conventions all over the country... I hope it sinks her. We lose our ability to win elections and take back America if our candidates or even high profile activists are September 11th deniers.


  1. Wow, you're a great spinner. She's not a birther either. She said it's good to ask questions, especially when the answers have not been forthcoming.

  2. Medina is a fucking nutjob. I said in 5 words what it took you several pages to say.

  3. Medina claims to have Tea Party support. Not according to one of the coordinators of the Austin Tea Party Patriots who emailed me last night that they have not declared support for ANYONE.

    What is there to denounce? Medina has been on Alex Jones' show how many times?

    She is clueless, and if she is not a birther/truther, she does a hellofa imitation of one.

    She is toast and her Paulian followers can't pull her out of this mess that she created herself.

  4. I hate Medina's voice. I wish she would just go away. MAKE HER GO AWAY!

  5. oh yeah, those debates would have been so much better if Debra wasn't on stage. I love watching debates between 2 establishment career politicians, just like the presidential debates every 4 years, those are the best!

  6. Thruther, birther, tea-bagger, Paulian. You guys spend so much of your time labeling people into your little media-made niches that you fail to discuss the issues that are important to people like states rights (tenther!). At least Medina won't cozy up to Merk and Cintra/Zachry.

  7. By Beck's own definition, he and Sarah Palin are also truthers. Beck has said he has questions and and, indeed, champions questioning government. Palin has gone so far as to ask for a new investigation. Medina is simply saying there are questions that haven't been answered and is concerned about the secrecy involved. Hell even some of the 9/11 Report commissioners complained about secrecy and unanswered questions.

    The bottom line is, Medina is for true conservatism and adherence to the constitution. Perry is just a big-government establishment republican who is only interested in being re-elected. It's people in the media such as yourself that don't give any credibility to anyone who isn't part of the establishment, regardless of party. This country will never get anywhere as long as we keep electing people whose sole purpose is to be in office and have the power that comes with it.

  8. "as a long time party activist who has attended many national conventions all over the country"

    As a "party man" you have no interest in your country or the American people. It is you who is the real traitor sir. More so than any truther, birther or any other name you can think of. Pathetic. At least you made it clear to the reader your stance so they can write you off.


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