Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another poll...

Another poll from KXAN (link). Excerpt follows...

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry leads the GOP and Bill White is favored by Democrats for state and local voters just one week before the March 2 primary, according to a new poll commissioned by KXAN.

The most important issues facing voters both across the state and in local counties are education, job creation and border security, the poll shows.

On the Republican ticket, incumbent Governor Rick Perry maintains a healthy lead with 44% support from likely Republican voters. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison follows with 30% support and Debra Medina receives 14%. There are still 12% of Republican voters who are undecided. Those undecided voters are a coveted group, as a candidate cannot win the primary without more than 50% of the vote.

On the Democratic ticket, there is also the chance of a run-off in April. Former Houston Mayor Bill White leads businessman Farouk Shami 43% to 22% respectively. The other five Democrats on the ticket split 8% of the vote and more than a quarter, 27%, of Democratic voters remain undecided.

When it comes to support from men and women, Hutchison gets 34% of the women's vote compared to 27% of the men's. Perry finds more support from men with 45% of the vote there and 43% support from women. Debra Medina remains in the teens in both categories with 15% support from Republican men and 12% support from Republican women.

It sure does look close, but I am still going to just throw it out there that there won't be a runoff. I have not been on the ground in the past two weeks to see the mood, but from afar it looks like Rick is just running away with it and Kay is sinking and sinking... with more and more peeps learning about Medina's 9/11 truther and other off kilter ideas... plus Rick is going to outspend Kay by far over these next few days...


  1. I really would like to see the Harris County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner that took place two days ago (I think). From what I've been told, all three were there... Kay and Medina got small applause, and Rick got several standing ovations!! Then I was at a Perry event yesterday and the Governor said that, "if last night was any indication of where we are at right now... we are in GREAT shape!"
    Man I'd like to see it the speeches! It doesn't surprise me that Rick is doing so well... I mean, he's the best there is!

  2. Anon, as far as I'm concerned the GOP primary is 100 percent OVER on Tuesday night with Perry getting 50 or 51 percent, KBH in 2nd with 26 percent and Medina with 5 percent.

    Medina will continue to fade further and further into the abyss.


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