Monday, February 1, 2010

It's getting ugly... Kay urging non Republicans to vote for her...

For months Kay and her peeps have been telling anyone who would listen that they didn't believe they could win by playing Ms. Moderate and going after independents and Democrats... that is just not a winning strategy in a Texas Republican Primary.

Traditionally you are looking at the most conservative peeps who vote in the primary.... and yes this year will expand the traditional pool of voters but still there will be almost exclusively pro life conservatives voting in this election.

Kay and her team have acknowledged this time after time when asked why she is not leveraging her moderate image better and instead trying to out-conservative Rick. Now it looks as if they are seeing where things stand and are shifting course. Kay is now actively seeking moderates and non traditional voters to join the Republican primary.

Kay said so at the Farm Bureau today (link). Excerpt follows...

Hutchison asked members of the Texas Farm Bureau to find five or 10 people each to vote in March who might vote Republican in November general elections but typically not in Texas GOP primaries.

"I know that without you I would not be here, that you are sticking with me in a very tough race," Hutchison said. "I need to ask you to reach out beyond farm bureau members and help bring people in to the polls that don't usually vote in Republican primaries."

Perry's campaign portrayed those remarks as a signal that Hutchison is uncertain of drawing typical Texas primary voters. Perry spokesman Mark Miner said "she finally conceded that after being in Washington for more than 17 years her record is not attractive to Republican primary voters."

I would have to say that these are not the kinds of things a confident candidate would say. Kay also predicted a runoff election rather than an out right victory...

Hutchison alluded to an election day in April. After her speech, she told The Associated Press she doesn't believe she or Perry has the backing right now of a majority of Republican voters. That could lead to an April runoff.

"Things could change, but I think all of us should be looking at the possibility, anyway," she said. "Not a probability, but a possibility."

GOP activist Debra Medina is also in the race. Though she's generally viewed as the third-place contender, behind the better-funded and more well-known Perry and Hutchison, if she garners enough support it could force a runoff.

Perry's spokesman disagreed that there will be a runoff. He predicted Perry will win the race outright in March.

Rick has polled pretty well and has even shown 20 point leads over Kay in certain House Districts... but has not broken 50% in most polls (link)...

At this point it looks like Kay's only chance is forcing a run off...

If the election were held today... I am not sure Rick would get 50% plus 1. We will see how things go... isn't the Texas Tribune coming out with a poll soon? Or another Rasmussen poll? Or PPP, or something else? Another leaked internal poll? I am craving data... especially after the second debate.

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