Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anti incumbent or anti Washington, take two?

Jenny Hoff has some good observations on the anti incumbent, anti Washington, tea party feeling...

Besides Independents, a formidable voting bloc this year is the "Tea Party." The group of citizens frustrated with government has grown to more than 120 thousand people and that could represent more than 10 percent of TX Republican primary voters.

"The tea parties are really just the will of the people," said Greg Holloway with the Tea Party Patriots .

And, being a "citizen candidate," Debra Medina has found strong support in this group.

"I think people can see themselves in her shoes," said Holloway. "If they were going to run, they might do some of the things she's done as far as getting grassroots support."

But, Holloway said not all tea partiers agree with Medina's policies. In the group you'll find Perry supporters as well as those who are backing Hutchison. But, one thing they all agree on is they are fed up with the way government is run now.

"We want a return to constitutional principles," said Holloway.

I think it is funny how Debra Medina is described as the tea party candidate by some in the media... something they labeled on Rick many months ago. I went to two tea parties early in the year before they were taken over by corporations and entrenched for profit political organizations by summertime and those people may have been somewhat favorable to Medina, but they were all about Rick, his views on the 10th amendment, and his other anti Washington views.

Rick's peeps were the only peeps to my knowledge actively going through the crowd recruiting at tea parties back in February, March, and April... I saw dozens of them with clip boards out at the Austin tea party in April I went to for example... Medina may have been there too but her presence was small. I don't remember Medina speaking at the tea party either... but who knows maybe she was there. All I really remember are Michael Williams and Rick... plus a college kid who went on way too long...

I bet Medina is getting 30% of the tea party vote. I bet Kay is getting 10% of it. I bet Rick is getting 60%... unless something changed that I have not seen in my circles...

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