Thursday, February 4, 2010

Washington Times cites Rick as one of the Republican governors on the rise with "straight talk"...

The Washington Times is obviously no fan of President Obama, and they had a nice piece about Republican governors that hits the nail on the head (link). Excerpts follow...

President Obama recently became one of the fastest presidents in history to drop below a majority approval rating, doing so in his 10th month on the job. Polling data strongly indicate that this sharp decline in approval is because of policy, not personality. Specifically, voters are unhappy with policies that involve unprecedented spending without a lot of economic progress.

Disappointment - not "hope" or "change" - is the emotion now associated with Mr. Obama. Meanwhile, Americans are finding reassurance, and even optimism, in budget discipline and fiscal honesty - even if that honesty is brutal.


c Gov. Rick Perry achieved balance in the Texas 2010 budget through cuts in general revenue spending of $1.6 billion - millions of which were achieved with the governor's line-item veto. His 2010 budget also contains tax cuts for tens of thousands of small-business owners - a popular move for an influential, jobs-creating constituency. When Texas sales-tax revenues were projected recently to be significantly down, Mr. Perry said he is looking to cut rather than raise taxes to compensate for any sales-tax shortfall. Fifty-seven percent of Texans approve of Mr. Perry's performance as governor.

Sometimes it seems like Rick gets more glowing coverage from media outside of Texas than from the peeps in Texas who "fact check" Rick with fact checks that way too much themselves need to be fact checked....

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