Monday, February 8, 2010

New poll numbers spell trouble for Kay...

I like it when the Dallas Morning News does these because it gives a glimpse into their brains... and exposes their biases and reveals their inner idiocy...

This week they did one on Kay's terrible new poll numbers which is interesting but again gives us a glimpse into the opinion shapers of Dallas (link). Excerpts follow...
Mike Hashimoto, Assistant editorial page editor:
Highly interesting that Hutchison is now polling closer to the third-place Medina than their front-runner target Perry. There may yet be a runoff, but it's fair to wonder who will be in it.

Michael Landauer, Assistant editorial page editor:These numbers reflect a poor strategic decision made by the KBH campaign.

Nicole Stockdale, Points editor:KBH needed to come out of the gate big -- with big ideas, big charisma, a big contrast to the firmly entrenched Perry. She's failed on all three counts

William McKenzie, Editorial columnist:
We've heard the anti-Perry part; now what does she want to do as governor?

Jim Mitchell, Editorial writer:
Trouble for KBH. speaks to her weakness as a person with a foot in Washington and the other in Texas.

Colleen McCain Nelson, Editorial writer:
Previously, Kay Bailey Hutchison was just losing. Now, she's losing ground to boot. Perry and Medina are gaining momentum, while Hutchison starts to slip out of striking distance.

Tod Robberson, Editorial writer:
The situation is looking exceedingly grim for KBH. I won't go so far as to say that the runoff could be between Medina and Perry, but KBH is clearly not resonating with Republican voters.

Jarrett Rush, Presentation editor:
The numbers make it pretty clear that Texas is made up of some seriously conservative Republicans.
These are the peeps who Kay is trying to win over... and the peeps Rick's team won't give the time of day to... it's like a battered girlfriend syndrome here... Rick treats them bad, Kay tries to win them over... and they come to view Kay as a joke and Rick as the one they really want access to...

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