Sunday, February 7, 2010

Medina at the Log Cabin meeting...

The Dallas Voice has a story about Debra Medina's visit to the Dallas Log Cabin Republican group (link). Excerpt follows...
Question from audience member: “The Texas Republican Party platform has contained some very offensive language to gays and lesbians, for example equating us to child molesters and rapists. saying that we are against God and our founding fathers, very nonsensical language, how do you feel about that?”

Medina: “I think that one of the things I’ve had to do as a Southern Baptist, right-wing Christian conservative is try to remove myself a little bit from that place, and back up to the proper role of government. It is easy for all of us to find that emotion and to react emotionally to things and I think the challenge to our leadership is to look at the challenges that face us, and try to ask some questions about where do we need to be, what’s the role of government and family and community. Rob [Schlein] and I had a little bit of a conversation about that yesterday, and I haven’t been involved in that particular debate. I understand what he was saying, and I look forward to looking into that further, and I think using the party not as a moral club but as a place to talk about public policy and the proper role of government. I’m a Bible-believing Christian. I’m not going to waver on my view of homosexuality. That’s where I am, and I’d be less than honest to tell you anything different than that. But I also don’t believe it’s the government’s job to get in there and do anything about that. And if it’s not the government’s job, then the party probably needs to stay away from it as well.”

Medina didn't really answer the question about her position on gay rights... is she more of a libertarian, or more of a social conservative?

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