Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rick supporting blogger calls out pro Kay blogger for making up stories...

One of the participants at Rick's blogger summit had to make a blog defending Rick's gun safety skills because a pro Kay blogger who seems obsessed with outing Rick's campaign consultant's online activities, promoting Kay's really tiresome campaign themes that nobody could possibly care about, and spreading rumors that are often so outlandish they look like some kind of double reverse psychological warfare...

Don't get me wrong... that blog is entertaining at times... but it wobbles so violently between must be definite insider staff status and completely clueless tabloid rumor purveyour... let's just say I don't find it to be all that credible...

Neither does Melissa Clouthier who was the subject of a blog saying that Rick pointed a loaded gun at her face... which is laughable to say the least. I will let Melissa explain it all (link). Excerpt follows...

No, Governor Perry Did Not Nearly Shoot Me

January 27, 2010 / 3:35 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

That’s a great story to make up, though. Have to give this intrepid blogger (word is that he/she/it is an operative from inside the Kay Bailey Hutchison campaign) credit for creativity. Here’s what anonymous blogger Come And Take It Blog said:

At seven seconds in, you can clearly see Rick point a loaded gun away from the range and in the direction of a woman he is supposed to be teaching to shoot! The muzzle can’t be more than a few inches from her face…she even flinches back a little.

So, I went to the gun range on Friday, January 22, 2010 at Red’s Range in Austin. Governor Perry hosted about 20 bloggers (most of whom had never seen a gun before and were as newbie as me–pretty funny actually).

The Governor showed a couple of us how to shoot. Here’s the video:

First, as is obvious, the Governor did not point the gun at me. Second, I did not flinch from him moving the gun around.

However, I did flinch with all the guns going off all around me, but got used to it.

Two commenters on her blog added...
January 27 2010 / 7:36 pm

You could also mention to the dumb shit who wrote the blog that it could be seen the clip was not in the firearm while he was doing his instructing, that he inserted the magazine at :37 in the video, and at :39 racked the slide sending a cartridge into the chamber.

January 28 2010 / 3:36 pm

It’s clear to me that the motion at the specified time mark is you glancing down at the gun as he moved it, then returning your attention to his face. Obviously, your eyes would be attracted to motion. It is also clear that the closest the gun was to being pointed at you was in an approximately horizontal direction off to the right, while held in front of your body. “Flinching” was definitely not involved.

Yeah... it is pretty obvious that there were no safety breaches there... despite the best efforts of a lone voice trying to manufacture one... it was a cool event and I hope Rick's peeps are kind enough to invite me to the next one. Next time I am there...

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