Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rick right on race to the top...

People in Amarillo support Rick's decision to buck Obama on race to the top federal education funding (link). Excerpt follows...
AUSTIN - When it comes to public education issues, Anette Carlisle does not always see eye to eye with Gov. Rick Perry and other state leaders.

But Carlisle, president of the Amarillo Independent School District Board of Trustees, agrees that Perry was right to decide Texas wouldn't compete for a federal education grant that could have brought as much as $700 million to cash-strapped school districts in the state.

Her reasoning, and Perry's as well, is that by participating in the $4 billion Race to the Top program, Texas school districts would lose local control of their schools in the development of national curriculum standards for math and English.

"We don't know the stipulations are and what the standards are," Carlisle said. "To do that for money ... in exchange for what?"

Free money is not free... sometimes I feel like these little issues are some of the biggest ways to view the candidates... Rick has a pretty consistent record of turning down portions of "free" federal money... and Kay tends to think it is her job to go after the most "free" money possible.

I think the success of Rick and failure of Kay shows that voters get it... they know there is no such thing as a free lunch.

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