Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kay will make history win or lose...

Now Ken Herman is just being mean (link). Excerpts follow...
If she becomes governor of Texas, Kay Bailey Hutchison would become the oldest person to get that job for the first time. Hutchison, born July 22, 1943, would be 67 come oath-swearing day.


And then there's this, from her staff last April: "Sen. Hutchison remains 'fastest woman in the Senate' for 11th straight year."

The claim was based on her finish in the ACLI Capital Challenge, a three-mile race in Washington. Hutchison's time of 39:32, put her in 503rd place out of 525 competitors. What her staff didn't mention was that the fastest woman in the Senate also was the only female senator in the race.

But, by way of not minimizing the achievement, I feel obligated to note this: Hutchison finished three places and 34 seconds ahead of my friend Rick Dunham, who runs the Houston Chronicle's Washington Bureau.

Another Hutchison factoid. She also could go into the record books by losing the GOP primary. As best as I can tell, a loss would make her and husband Ray the first husband-wife team to lose in Texas GOP gubernatorial primaries. Mr. Hutchison lost to Clements in 1978 by a whopping 49-point margin (FYI, the Hutchisons got married seven weeks prior to that primary).

There seems little chance that Mrs. Hutchison could lose the GOP primary by anywhere near a 49-point margin. So, even in defeat, she'd always have that to toss in when the Hutchisons reminisce about their gubernatorial bids.

So... Kay is old... Kay is not very fast but at least faster than Rick Dunham... and Kay and Ray could become the first spouses to both lose the same primary...

Not a very flattering story from a newspaper that endorsed her...

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