Friday, February 19, 2010

Medina sez society to blame for Austin suicide plane guy...

Debra Medina continues to be a gaffe machine...

Wayne Slater explains that Medina is trying to blame society for the guy who flew the plane into the building in Austin... she is also strange trying to tie his ideology into her race for governor (link)...
Republican Debra Medina said today the decision of a man fighting the IRS to crash his airplane into a building in Austin reflects "the hopelessness many in our society feel." Medina told a radio interviewer today: "There is a sense in all of our country that we are not on the right path. That's why this race is so important."
Here is the audio... listen and see what you think (link)...

Medina is not refreshing or a breath of fresh air. She is a gaffe factory.


  1. So how exactly was this a gaffe?

  2. That was an amazing response. I don't know what silver spoon rick v kay author has in his mouth, but people are hurting out there. Medina encourages people to rely on their family and their community, she condemns the act and she offers sympathy for the families affected.

    Nailed it.

  3. Medina is knowingly or unwittingly, a tool of Obama to help secure the election of a Dem. Gov for Tx. A whacko fringe candadite who infiltrated the TPM falsely running under the flag of a Republican conservative (hoping to secure the vote of unsuspecting Republicans).


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