Friday, February 5, 2010

Kay's camp... a sinking ship?

This is just a strange story from the Frontburner blog which is the official blog of the D for Dallas magazine... but I think I know what they are getting at (link). Excerpt follows...

Source: Hutchison Campaign a “Sinking Ship”

Experts have been scratching their heads for awhile over Kay Bailey Hutchison’s lackluster run for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. But according to one Dallas political consultant who’s acquainted with the situation–and has no dog in the fight–the senator’s primary campaign has been “a sinking ship” for six months, with once-enthusiastic advisers exiting. The reason, this consultant says: Hutchison is “increasingly difficult to work for” and, more importantly, refuses to listen to advice.

One case in point is her first TV ad, where Kay explained why she would stay in the Senate while running for the nomination, the consultant says. Although pollsters told her nobody in the state cared about that issue, Hutchison said, “Your polls are wrong”–and the kickoff ad fell flat.

Now even some conservative state lawmakers who’d very quietly supported the senator behind the scenes have said, “We’re done,” the consultant says.

Jennifer Baker, communications director for the Hutchison campaign, says all of these charges are false–and typical of rumormongering by the Rick Perry camp. (Our source, as I mentioned, is not working for any of the gubernatorial candidates.)

Then Baker sent me a link to the latest hot rumor: that staffers from the Perry campaign are leaving to work for Debra Medina.

Now, this is getting fun.

Normally I would chalk this up to rumors spread by the other side... but in this case I may know the person in question. Sometimes people who are not on staff believe they are more involved than they actually are... volunteers and people who fashion themselves as deeply involved in the finance committee sometimes believe they are the most critical part of the campaign...

I also think it is pretty incredible that Kay's campaign spokeswoman would send a reporter a link to a Medina website with a peculiar rumor about 4 or 5 staffers leaving Rick's team and going to Medina's team... let that sink in... KAY's official spokeswoman is trying to prove that RICK's staff is switching over to someone else not even named KAY... how strange is that? Very if you ask me...

I am checking around but I think I might know the anonymous person in the D magazine story... either that or there might be another person entirely who has been helping Kay but just checked out recently after being "ignored" and "taken for granted"... again... probably a self inflated view of one's position on the campaign...

I will also try to get to the bottom of the rumor that Kay's spokeswoman was out there spreading... bizarre... I can't imagine that being remotely true right now with the feeling I see glowing out of Rick's camp...

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