Monday, February 22, 2010


What do the candidate's hairdos say about them? The Statesman has the analysis (link). Excerpt follows...

Kay Bailey Hutchison, Republican: Swept back, curled under, flawlessly highlighted, the former University of Texas cheerleader's hair is a thing to behold. With minor variations, she's had the same style — parted just left of center, if at all — for decades. The political subtext? No flip-flopping.

"I think she's mastered her own look," Forbes says. "Women who are icons, they need to stay the same, only make it better and better, and I think she's done that. I think she looks great." He praised her well-maintained highlights and adds that even in Washington, Hutchison "still looks like she's from Texas."

Debra Medina, Republican: This woman wears her conservatism on her sleeve — and her head. It's not like we could have expected her to wear an untamed look like Rachel Zoe's. Medina parts her dark brown hair on the right and wears it in a no-nonsense, flat style in which it would be quite difficult to conceal a handgun. Political subtext: Conservative roots, all the way. Never say dye.

There's nothing fluffy about Debra Medina, and Forbes thinks that's unfortunate.

"She could plump it up a bit," he says. "She's in the public eye, after all."

Rick Perry, Republican: Governor Goodhair, as the late Molly Ivins famously dubbed him, has already gotten a lot of mileage out of his dark, fluffy mane, and as the incumbent, he would seem to be hair apparent to the governor's throne.

Perry's hair, parted on the right (but not the far right) is so famous that it has its own Twitter account (@GovPerrysHair ). At this writing, the hair has 840 followers. The hair's Facebook fan page hasn't done quite as well: Only 21 fans have signed on, many of whom appear to be high school students doubtless looking for a good hair role model. Political subtext: He sees himself as the mane attraction, and he's not afraid to get Bushy at times.

"I like his hair. It's got something that's seriously working for him," Forbes says. "He's a very handsome man."

I have actually noticed Debra Medina's hair more than Rick's hair or Kay's hair. I feel like Rick's hair is pretty overrated... Medina's hair seems to change often... as if she is trying to find herself in terms of visual image... if you watch her videos and look at her photos she has had a lot of different looks over the past year...

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