Monday, February 22, 2010

Debt and Kay...

Fox News analyst Mort Kondracke has some harsh words for Kay and a few others who voted against a debt elimination commission (link). Excerpt follows...

Even as President George W. Bush ran up higher debt with tax cuts, unpaid-for wars and the Medicare prescription drug benefit – which Democrats wanted to be bigger – he proposed Social Security reform and a debt commission.

Democrats torpedoed both. Now, President Barrack Obama is running up the debt even faster – with a stimulus program to fight Bush’s deep recession and new entitlements for college students and the uninsured, plus tax-cut extensions – but also wants a deficit commission.

And, no surprise, now Republicans are refusing to play. In the most outrageous act of irresponsibility in memory, seven Republican senators last month killed a bipartisan commission proposal they had previously co-sponsored.

If and when the debt bomb explodes, their names deserve to be memorialized in infamy: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, of Kentucky, in the lead, along with Sens. Sam Brownback, of Kansas; Mike Crapo, of Idaho; John Ensign, of Nevada; Kay Bailey Hutchison, of Texas; Jim Inhofe, of Oklahoma, and – perhaps joining McConnell in the lead – supposed deficit-hawk John McCain, of Arizona.

Big John Cornyn voted for the commission. So did Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and others... I think Kay's excuse for voting incorrectly on this debt reduction commission just does not hold water.

Kay did vote 9 separate times to raise the debt ceiling and that has been rated as true by even PolitiFactTexas... maybe her support for higher debt has something to do with her husband's bond business which relies on government debt to flourish... who knows...

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