Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kay believes her federal spending "should be celebrated and appreciated..."

Who wants to put money on whether Rick's peeps will use this in a radio ad or at the very least a web video ad?

Kay was in Beaumont talking about federal spending... and said something that just really makes you wonder whether she is even still trying to win this election (link). Excerpt follows...

Hutchison, currently third in the gubernatorial polls for the March 2 Republican primary, said she helped bring Texas tax money back to the state.

"It should be celebrated and appreciated," she said. "But people are so upset with the government takeover of health care and the cap-and-trade."

Her porker of the year second place award to Kay is more of a badge of honor... it is what she worked toward her entire career...

It may be the biggest reason why Kay is slipping into a virtual tie for third place... although it remains to be seen how Debra Medina's tinfoil hat antics will play...

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